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Sinbo SBG 7102A Electric Flip Grid

Power Level Have a Strong

Electric The power seyivesi 2000 W is. This power level is to be held on through food best will be able to cook. Food on best pişirilirken flavors, also is in the most delicious way.

Easy to Install Structure

Electric grill easy thanks to the establishment of anywhere taşınabilmesi made possible. Easy to install portatitif Sterling electric wherever there is grille kurulup grid exitement is able to be done. Persons grid anywhere to enjoy the yaşayabileceklerdir.

Easy Clean Structure

Electric grid of the most important features, one of which is also easy to clean. The removable grid structure and tray through grid operation is performed after easy to give oils before drying is the possible will be. It is more healthy and clean grill arbitrary yaşanabilecektir.

Smokeless Structure

Apartman life living and grid sevenlere great amenities-friendly electrical grid through people smoke-free grid arbitrary yaşayabileceklerdir. Grid elektriğe connecting frying process can realize. Smoke at the same time does not generate through and barbecue grill with taste-giving structure of the highest degree of exitement yaşanmasını sağlayabilecektir.

Fireproof and Non-Stick Bottom Structure

Owned fireproof bottom structure to the grid put food non-stick and pişirilme process best way can be realized. This feature with lean pişirilme process also can be effected.

Isınmayan Handle Structure

The owned ısınmaz handle structure grid warming başladığında grips never warming don’t and hand combustion as adverse situations experienced engellenebilmektedir. This structure the grid as soon as ısınması supplied, grips on the contrary quite cold stored.

Technical Specifications

  • Detachable Oil Tray Have
  • Heat Setting Have
  • Power (Watt) 2000
  • Brand

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